My absolute favorite find from my visit to a hotel in California. I was so happy to find out I could have one of my very own.

Lora B.

The best robes by far. I have a couple and one for at least 10 years. My go to robe for sure!

Carol A.

We have had this robe for almost 7 years at our spa... They are still amazing!

Monika N.

Telegraph Hill Robes mean comfort. They are my first choice gift for people I care about.

Michele D.

My Telegraph Hill Robe is like a gentle hug to start the day or a quiet breeze to style the day! I have had my THR for a long time!

Mike S.

My longtime Telegraph Hill Robe means 'home and comfy.' Whether I truly am home or traveling. If traveling, wearing it settles the mind after a busy day. When home, it aids in truly relaxing. My THR has as many frequent flyer miles as I do. I especially love the knit and long term quality.

Diedre A.

A robe is a simple pleasure. It's a way to make even the most ordinary of days feel special. When wearing my Telegraph Hill Robe my home feels like a hotel and I feel like a pampered guest. There is nothing like wearing my THR and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee while reading the morning paper to make me feel like I am living a life of luxury. Morning or night, a THR robe makes the ordinary, extraordinary!

Elle R.

I love all of my Telegraph Hill Robes. I always feel wrapped in comfort when I put one on. The quality of fabric is awesome and they last forever. Love Love love them!

Carol A.