Jerdon Style values the importance of self-indulgent moments. Everyone deserves a few simple luxuries each day. That’s easy to do with our line of vanity mirrors, spa robes and other specialty bath and beauty products.


Add an expert touch to your beauty routine with the perfect lighting to create a flawless look. With items like our towel warmers and the softest microfiber robes on the market, you can take relaxation to another level. With these unique Jerdon Style bath and beauty products, you can look and feel special everyday.


Jerdon Non-Lighted Table Top Mirrors
Jerdon Lighted Table Top Mirrors
Jerdon Non-Lighted Wall Mount Mirrors
Jerdon Lighted Table Top Mirrors
Jerdon Irons
Proversa Hair Dryers
Telegraph Hill Robes
Warmrail Towel Warmers
Corby Pants Presses